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Hi, I'm a Product Design Lead!

I'm not your typical Product Designer! I help tech companies create amazing experiences. I specialised in Psychology of Design, UX Research and Product Audit. 

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What I do

Product Audit

An evaluation of a product or service experience encompasses of analysis of design, functionality, accessibility, user interactions, among other steps to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

UX Workshops

A collaborative session where teams come together to ideate, strategise, and problem-solve, fostering a shared understanding of user experience goals and facilitating creative solutions through various UX methodologies.

How it works

In my approach to conducting a UX audit that predicts product failure, I follow a meticulous step-by-step guide. 

The first phase involves conducting rigorous usability tests, aligning business objectives with user needs, ensuring compliance with UX Psychology, and scrutinising UI for brand alignment. Additionally, I analyse data, perform competitor analysis, and run accessibility reviews. 

The second phase focuses on running a Discovery phase to test problem hypotheses and presenting findings to stakeholders. 


The third phase incorporates a UX Workshop, where we map customer journeys, define problem statements, conduct card sorting, and refine architectures. 

The process concludes with an easy-to-read report, findings and recommendations, all seamlessly integrated into a Miro board for efficient delivery. The best part? Witnessing products resurface, thanks to a well-crafted and effective process. What's your approach to understanding products?

Problems I solve

Understanding High Churn

By uncovering and resolving pain points, optimising features, and enhancing user satisfaction, the audit aims to create a compelling and valuable product, reducing churn and retaining users.

Improving Low Conversion

A product audit identifies and addresses barriers in user experience, enhancing elements that lead to increased conversions and improved overall product performance.

Negative online reviews

A product audit addresses issues highlighted in negative online reviews, aiming to improve user satisfaction, enhance features, and ultimately foster positive experiences for better reviews.

Why having High Bounce Rates

A product audit analyses and improves user engagement, website content, and overall experience to reduce high bounce rates, encouraging visitors to stay and explore.

Declining in User Engagement

It investigates and revitalises user interactions and marketing strategy, aiming to reverse declining engagement by enhancing user experience and encouraging sustained interaction.

“Natalia has really helped me understand the strategy for my Design community. Now, I'm able to provide the right products and services to my audience."

Miranda Seidl, PD Ladies London CEO

Book a Consultation

Book a free workshop scope to understand your products challenges. I'm a specialist in auditing products and understand why they are not performing as they should.

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