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BetBull, a mobile-exclusive betting platform, aimed to boost user engagement by transforming its app into a gamified experience. My role as UX/UI Design Lead involved understanding user preferences, mapping the customer journey, and enhancing the marketing funnel. The solution? A groundbreaking "Spin the Wheel" game integrated into the app's onboarding process.

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Game On: Improving BetBull's Betting Experience with Gamified Onboarding

A Social Media UX project for a Gaming company.

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As the UX/UI Design Lead for this project, my responsibilities included implementing the gamified features, understanding user preferences through research, and ensuring a seamless transition from attraction to retention in the customer journey.


The methodology embraced a comprehensive approach:

  • UX Research: quantitative survey, competitor analysis

  • UX Design: Creation of personas, user flow, and wireframes/prototypes

  • UI/Dev: UI design, development, A/B testing


  1. Users comprehend the gamification applied to the app.

  2. Users are drawn to the app due to its gamified features.

  3. Creating a social media game could attract new customers.


  • Understand preferred app features.

  • Map the customer journey for attraction, conversion, and retention.

  • Enhance the marketing funnel and establish credibility.

Key Findings:


£5,000,325 Total GGR year-to-date


86% Acca Bets


Monthly Active Users:
28,047 (peak in April)


10.5% engagement

rate in-app

Image 6.png

Problem Statement

As a marketer, I want to enhance user engagement and attract new customers by leveraging gamification SO THAT we can stand out in a competitive market and establish BetBull as a revolutionary mobile betting platform.

UX Research Insights:



Users value tipsters with winning

Chat interaction during live events for engagement

ACCA lab attracts users interested in accumulators



Dark blue backgrounds excel on Facebook

Motion graphics trump stock images on Snapchat

Immediate returns drive Twitter engagement



Branded ads, especially using brand colours, resonate

Limited-time promotions trend across affiliates

SkyBet innovates

with carousel



Betting Personas Unveiled

Users seek change in betting habits

Trust in tipsters influences decisions

Acca knowledge gap poses a barrier

Marketing Impact and Business Gains

Marketing Perspectives:

  • Creative Importance: Emphasizing the pivotal role of creative elements, especially on mobile platforms, where 56% of a brand's sales lift can be attributed to high-quality creative.

  • Relevancy Rules: Recognizing the significance of targeted ads, as 71% of consumers prefer advertisements tailored to their interests and shopping habits.

Business Gains:

  • Increased Customer Acquisition: The gamified experience proved to be a potent tool for attracting new users, evident in the surge of app downloads and engagement rates.

  • Enhanced Retention: The introduction of loyalty, leaderboard features, and a personalized user journey contributed to keeping existing users engaged and invested.

  • Expanded Revenue Streams: With a 12.1% net margin and a substantial increase in bets placed, BetBull experienced a positive impact on its year-to-date revenue.

Journey Map



Lack of awareness. Facebook squared banners and videos perform well



High CPA on Twitter. Utilise immediate return and limited-time promotions



Share incentives and show how the app can be used. Create more video tutorials.



User hesitation due to loyalty to other brands. Highlight app features



Inadequate understanding of ACCAs. Introduce ACCA lab and other features

Image 11.png


Group 2.png

James Harrison (34)

What He Wants: Quick wins
Pain Points: Overwhelmed by variety.
Attention Grabber: Spotlight on tipsters.

Group 4.png

Alan Davis (22)

What He Wants: Tipster variety, leaderboard recognition.
Pain Points: Indecision on tipster.
Attention Grabber: Leaderboard.

Mask Group 3.png

Mike Jordan (27)

What He Wants: Simplified betting.
Pain Points: Lack of betting knowledge.
Attention Grabber: Chatroom.


Dave Matthew (42)

What He Wants: Interact everyday
Pain Points: Difficult to find a tipster that know as much as him
Attention Grabber: Leaderboard.


Users engage with the game, receiving valuable tipster insights

Loss Aversion

Emphasising missed opportunities without BetBull

Social Proof

Highlighting successful tipsters builds trust


Incorporating game elements for an immersive experience

Psychology of Design
Principles and Laws

Conclusions and Recommendations


  1. Over 1,000,000 impressions on Snapchat.

  2. 10.5% engagement rate within the app.

  3. Surpassing 900 app downloads through this game.

  4. Achieving a 4.5% Click-Through Rate (CTR).


  • Positive Brand Perception: The strategic use of gamification not only attracted users but also contributed to a positive perception of the BetBull brand, positioning it as innovative and user-centric.

  • Market Differentiation: Standing out in a competitive market, the gamified approach set BetBull apart from competitors who often focused on traditional ads.

Errors, Iterations, Learnings

  • Initial social media ads lacked engagement, refined based on performance data.

  • Iterated on the "Spin the Wheel" game to optimise user engagement.

  • Learned that Snapchat performed best with light-coloured videos.


  • Spin the Wheel Game: Successful engagement tool.

  • Focused Creatives: Emphasise dark blue and immediate returns.

  • Leaderboard: Boost user interaction and loyalty.

  • Educational Content: Address Acca knowledge gaps.

Game Prototype

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